Isobelle Jones
Isobelle's sculptural forms allow materials to serve artistic purpose which would otherwise exist for practical use. Dissected pillow cases juxtapose with teddy bear paws as their properties are manipulated to resemble the human body.

The series consists of individual interpretations of the artist at different life stages. Each sculpture represents a different decade in her life, from past to future; from a baby to an elderly woman. They explore the fragility of the human body and its adherence to the inevitable fact that we age and disintegrate, a thought which is made more unsettling by the structurally frail nature of the figures.
The masking tape and hand-stitched cotton which binds heavy parts together emphasises the temporary nature of human physicality; the parts will eventually collapse in the same way that people eventually die. The child figure is constructed with weak, peeling tape to suggest that one cannot preserve their current state forever.

Isobelle's 'random' neighbouring of materials and rebellious attitude towards convention and proportion makes the work outlandish and humorous. The sculptures appear to partake in ordinary and familiar activities: applying lipstick, celebrating birthdays and simply sitting still, which contrasts to their extraordinary distortion.

Isobelle Jones - Art - Mass

  40 Today - 2016

Scrap Wood, Paper, Acrylic Paint, Toy Head, Tin Foil, Rag-Doll Wool, Toy Hat, Found Pillow, T-shirt

Isobelle Jones - Art - Mass

Baby - 2016
Floral Cotton, Wood, Acrylic Paint, Pencil, Duck Tape, Toy Hands, Cardboard, Faux Fur, Paperclip

Isobelle Jones - Art - Mass

Series - 2016
Floral Cotton, Wood, Acrylic Paint, Pencil, Duck Tape, Toy Hands, Cardboard, Faux Fur, Paperclip, Found Coffee Cup, Skirt From Toy, Playdough