Laura Buddle  

The underlying theme of my practice is the experiential aspect of drowning expressed through the medium of paint.  When thinking about water one might think of tranquillity, calm and relaxation but water can be a devastating force of nature.  My paintings focus on the devastating nature of being caught in rough water. 

I am very passionate about painting as I feel that I can interpret a subject through it.  I respond to a subject by researching it, processing that information and then responding using paint as a tool.  I aim for a realistic finish to my paintings.  The paintings work better when seen together as there is a common theme throughout that when viewed in order can reveal a narrative to the viewer. 

Recently I co-founded Foxbud Studios: a freelance illustration agency that can also be used as a platform for illustrators, fine artists, photographers and filmmakers to promote and sell their work.  The aim of this project is to remove boundaries between art disciplines and allow artists to experiment with different mediums. 


Laura Buddle - Art - Mass