My work explores Masculinity within the human body by scrutinizing male genitalia and representing phallic symbolism through sculpture. By experimenting with scale, form and texture I have created a body of work that has a spectrum of aesthetic qualities. Using colour has allowed me to put across ideas off male and female up bringing’s whilst tightening the bond which we share of the body and sexuality. To show this I have used pink and blue paint to show the stereotypical gender roles on my smaller pieces to create a group installation where colour shows each sculpture to be the same with another. Breaking down the gender boundary allows the male form to articulate masculinity and how we view it differently to femininity. The forms in plaster share the same curves and lines, creating both man and women in an abstract way. 


 The sculptures have an element of satire and the work’s humour is suggestive of how the male physique has been perceived throughout time. Exhibiting this body of work is an integral element of its process and journey, there is almost an aspect of embarrassment to the sculptures, and showcasing the genital- based works emulates indecent exposure. This is why the way in which I display my work in the exhibition is vital to its overall ambience, I have carefully planned how to present each piece, whether that be a plinth or palette, I like the idea of some of the pieces being displayed higher, as it adds a concept of glorification to the sculpture.  


Taking influence from Surrealism, Modernism and Contemporary sculpture I intend to create a forcible array of models that engage with viewers, obtruding the audience into questioning the pieces and their relation to the male form. In relation to contemporary art my work is inspired by the works off Sarah Lucas and Luca Monterastelli in particular the format and way the work is presented to the viewer. One aspect what interested me is how the work invites the viewer in and how the white cube is changed and abused from the tradition ways off exhibiting art. Taking influence from the way colour is used with sculpture and scale my work relates to various artist but yet also taking influence from tradition sculpture and themes from areas off the early 20th century up to 2010 onwards. My work stands as sculpture but in context creates an installation where ideas off masculinity are subjected to the viewer.   

Lewis Hutchings - Art - Mass Androgynous Series - 2016
Plaster, Spray Paint

Lewis Hutchings - Art - Mass Boys and Girls - 2016
Plaster, Spray Paint