Stefanie Mulholland
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“Clouds draw the eye upward: for most of us they provoke ideas about both transcendence and inwardness. When we look up, we lose ourselves”

Jacobus, 2006, pg.220

Clouds have always had an overwhelming fascination to many, including myself. Allowing people to lose themselves in their deepest thoughts, inspiring and connecting us on a spiritual and cosmological level. “They record the movement as a rapid or slow moving succession of feelings and thoughts” (Jacobus, 2006, pg. 223) becoming so much more than a visually pleasing object but an affectivity of mood.

Throughout my practice I use clouds as a form of cognition, transmitting emotion and mood through the application of paint and clouds in a gestural process allowing them to become a language for inner activity. The landscape is minimal but is incorporated for representation of scale, adding an element of the sublime where the sky completely consumes the spectator. Just like the weather, our moods are forever changing and unformed.

Stefanie Mulholland - Art - Mass

Stefanie Mulholland - Art - Mass   Stefanie Mulholland - Art - Mass

Stefanie Mulholland - Art - Mass

Stefanie Mulholland - Art - Mass