Tessa Pye


Drawing is essential to almost any artist’s practice. Even if it is to mark out a painting or to quickly sketch up an idea, they put pencil to paper and create marks. Mark making; it is a simple idea, one about the process of making art as well as the finished outcome, equal focus is given to both the making and the appreciation of the completed product, a mark cannot be separate from its means.

My practice focuses on this idea of mark making. I find marks to be particularly interesting. They hold a potential, movement and energy that I find a lot of art is lacking. My motivation to create work is not driven by the want to depict a realistic form of an object in front of me but to explore the process of creating art, working with the conditions of time and material. 

Tessa Pye - Art - Mass'Hand' - Graphite on paper

Tessa Pye - Art - Mass'Knee' - Graphite on paper

Tessa Pye - Art - Mass'Fingers' - Graphite on paper